Undergraduate - [Important Notice] Industrial Training Opportunity with Silicon Valley, USA based Multi National Companies - Notice

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Undergraduate : [Important Notice] Industrial Training Opportunity with Silicon Valley, USA based Multi National Companies
Posted by amiza on 2016/7/21 9:25:58 (11 reads)

Dear Students,

A Dream comes True…

Silicon Valley, USA is the hub of technological innovations and creations. All big companies in the domain of electronics and software including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Intel, Dell, HP and IBM have been created and exist in the Silicon Valley, USA.

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT), University of Malaya has been trying for many months to create the opportunity for our students to be placed with Silicon Valley based companies for the Industrial Training. Such placement has multiple benefits including but not limited to:
The students will have practical experience on the technologies that are being used for state of the art product design and development.
The students will know the work culture of the multinational companies and will have better chances adjusting there after graduation.
Silicon Valley is full of entrepreneurial opportunities. The students might be able to seek Angel Investment for their own ideas and become the successful entrepreneurs. Setting up your own business is always preferable than a job.
Following the Industrial training from Silicon Valley based companies, the chances of getting a job in Silicon Valley USA office or Malaysian office is very high. The Salary for such jobs can range from MYR 18,000 to MYR 24,000 per month.
In case the students perform good during training, there are likely chances the same company can higher you right after industrial training. In that case, you can complete your studies and be employed at the same time.
Given the highly prestigious nature of these training slots, at present, the faculty shall only be able to offer at the most 8 slots. The selection will be made based on the attitude and motivation level of the students. Final approval shall be based on the assessment by an Entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. The initial screening and selection of students is to be carried out during next couple of weeks. Final selection of the students that will work with the Silicon Valley companies for their industrial training will be done in September by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who shall visit University of Malaya on our special request.

All interested students are invited to attend the introduction seminar to be held at FCSIT with following details:

Date: Friday, 22nd July 2016
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Venue: The Cubes, FCSIT

We wish you best of luck with your Industrial training and hope that some of you are selected for the industrial training by our industrial partners in Silicon Valley.

Thank you.

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Malaya

Undergraduate : Invitation to Japan Career Gateway (JCG)
Posted by amiza on 2016/7/21 7:30:42 (13 reads)

Dear Student,

Greetings from UNLOCK DESIGN !!!

UNLOCK DESIGN produce events and programs to bring talents and corporates together between Malaysia and Japan.

We would like to announce our event which is Japan Career Gateway (JCG) that offers full-time job opportunities in Japan to students and professionals, mainly in IT and Business field.

Students will have a few interviews in Malaysia and, depending on
companies, final interview in Japan. Sign up to get the latest job
opportunity information from Japan.

・Live and work in Japan
・High salary (Approximately RM10,000~/month in), plus various benefits
・Free working visa support
・Emergency support by Unlock Design Tokyo staff
・Learn Japanese at language school (we partially sponsor the school
fee, and if you are fluent in Japanese already, we offer cash instead)
・Lead overseas business of Japanese company
・Build international career and network that would differentiate you
from the rest for the lifetime

This week’s open job opportunities:

Offer ID: 001
E­Commerce Platform and Web Media delivers a whole new shopping
experience to the customers.
Started the business in the internet media area. After one and half
years, acquired 10 million UU, over $150 thousand monthly sales. Keep
growing by 150% annually.
■Salary(payed in JPY)
JPY 250,000/month〜 (approximately RM10,000〜/month) +Bonus

Offer ID: 002
■Company Profile
E­Commerce Platform and services range both in and outside of Japan
including travel, finance, professional sports and many more.
The company is one of the largest e-commerce global company and was
ranked on the most innovative according to the Forbes Global 2000
■Salary (payed in JPY)
JPY 300,000/month〜 (approximately RM 12,000〜/month)

Offer ID: 003
■Company Profile
Provide digital advertisement creative solutions to companies who are
looking to engage deeply with customers with the advanced technology
leading the branding advertising. They distribute rich-media ads and
video ads of a number of large companies in Asia.
■Job Description
- Development for rich media ad formats(Javascript).
- Development, design and maintenance of the advertising system
management(Ruby on Rails).
■Salary(payed in JPY)
JPY 170,000〜400,000/month (approximately RM 7000〜16,000)

Thank you.

Best regards,

Unlock Design
(60 11 3388 4718)

Undergraduate : Very Important: How to deal with issues with e-Industrial Training System
Posted by amiza on 2016/7/21 6:06:13 (13 reads)

Dear students who are going for industrial training in Sem 1 2016/2017,

You can access the e-Industrial Training system (i.e. CITra industrial Training system) from MyUM.

Any issue with e-Industrial Training system, have to request CITra to solve, as the Industrial Training Coordinators do not have the required access in the system to solve them. We can only access the system to give coordinator's approval.

You can contact the following staffs at CITra: Miss Nurhafizah (hafizahjafri@um.edu.my) / Miss Maziah (maziah_87@um.edu.my) / Miss Intan Shaheera (<intanshaheera@um.edu.my>). Tel: 03-79675408/5488

These are the typical steps involved when a student registers his/her placement in the e-Industrial training system. Please read through this entire email to get familiarized with the process to ensure successful registration of your industrial training.

1. If "Organisation Exist but Inactive", contact CITra to activate it.

2. If the company not yet exists in the system, the student has to create the new company, and the status will be "Organisation Pending Seksyen Kerjaya approval". Contact CITra to approve. Previously CITra is known as Seksyen Kerjaya.

3. After CITra approves/activate this company, the student will be able to enter all the details of the placement into the system

4. Then the status will be "Pending Coordinator Approval". Contact your Department Industrial Training Coordinator to approve it. Your coordinator will only approve it if he/she has given prior manual approval for this placement via email. I had informed all the students during my briefing and email, to only enter one placement in the e-Industrial Training System, which is, the placement that your coordinator has approved manually via email.

5. Next the status will be "Pending Organisation/Company approval". Contact CITra to approve on behalf of the company.

6. Next the status will be "Pending Student approval". The student needs to give approval.

7. Student can proceed to register LI as a course. This has to be done before the end of the add and drop week of Sem 1 2016/2017. Otherwise the student will be fined.

When you contact CITra, please forward the email you received from your Department Industrial Training Coordinator which states that he/she approved the placement offer you obtained from the respective company, and attach together the offer letter and screen capture of the problem in e-Industrial Training system, and, cc the email to your Department Industrial Training Coordinator and Mrs. Faridah (faridah@um.edu.my), and edit the subject of email to reflect the problem for examples. "e-Industrial Training system: Organisation Exist but Inactive", "e-Industrial Training system: Organisation Pending Seksyen Kerjaya approval", etc.

Thank you.

best regards,
Dr. Su Moon Ting
Industrial Training Coordinator (Head)

 Posted by amiza on 2016/7/19 8:37:41 (19 reads)


REDtone is having vacancies for position of 1) Helpdesk Specialist 2) Account Manager.
The JD are as attached.

For those interested candidate please submit the application to hr@redtone.com

Please do share the info to your respective contacts.

Rafidah Mat Hezan
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Talent Analytics & Structured Development
Talent Enablement Division
D : +603 8323 7025

Undergraduate : Job offers (Software Engineers) from Neruti Technology
 Posted by amiza on 2016/7/19 8:35:03 (19 reads)

Dear students,

Interested to work as Software Engineers?
Refer to job offers from Neruti (attached).

Thank you.

Dr. Su Moon Ting

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