Undergraduate - Briefing on Student Exchange Programme (Outbound) - Notice

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Undergraduate : Briefing on Student Exchange Programme (Outbound)
Posted by amiza on 2017/3/1 4:13:12 (122 reads)

Dear students,

The briefing will be conducted by Mdm Vigneshree from the International Student Centre as per details below:

Date: 10 March 2017 (Friday)
Time: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm
Venue: The Cube

Kindly mark your calendar and save the date.

Thank you
Dr. Siti Soraya Abdul Rahman, Ph.D
BSc. (Glamorgan, UK), MSc. (UM), PhD (Sussex, UK)
Department of Artificial Intelligence
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Malaya

Undergraduate : Special Invitation to UM EduCarnival 2017, 17-18 March 2017
 Posted by amiza on 2017/2/28 7:41:09 (293 reads)

Guys and gals,

Please take note that the UM EduCarnival 2017 will be on from 17 to 18 March 2017 at our Examination Building (Yes … that big building behind the First College where students take their exams).

This is a MARKETING event so do spread the word and come.

Tell your friends and relatives that they will
- have a chance to consult faculty staff about our degree programs

- be able to make DIRECT APPLICATIONS and receive ON-THE-SPOT OFFER LETTERS for undergraduate (international) & selected coursework & mix-mode postgraduate programs if they qualify (this is the FIRST TIME we are trying this)

- be able to listen to faculty briefings about undergraduate and postgraduate programs

- have the opportunity to watch music and cultural performances

- even get to meet Residential College mascots and cheerleaders

- get to meet some of our UM Olympians

- be able to listen to a special seminar for STPM students

- get to go on that CAMPUS TOUR that they have always wanted to go on

- get to support our students food truck and food stalls

- be able to view some of that great innovative stuff that our researchers have produced

- have fun!!

All our faculties/academies/centres are participating so really, this is the BEST venue for you and your friends and relatives to get so much info in ONE place.

Spread the word, guys and gals. The UM Education Carnival is ON from 17-18 March 2017.

See you there!!

Warm regards,
Prof Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) / Provost

UM EduCarnival 2017

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International)
Level 9, Chancellory Building
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3 7967 3203 (tel)
+60 3 7957 2314 (fax)
Skype: officedvc.um

Undergraduate : FinTech Talent Acquisition
 Posted by amiza on 2017/2/22 23:49:39 (274 reads)

Dear All,

I am ThamKT from Chaintope Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. located at Bangsar South (MSC Cybercenter), Kuala Lumpur.
Currently we are looking for Senior Software Development Engineer to join our team for ASEAN market penetration.
Chaintope Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is Japan capital FinTech (Financial Technology) company focus on FinTech software system development based on Blockchain Technology and provides cross border remittance services for corporate.
The attachment is the job requirement and description. Hope you can introduce or connect up UM alumni who are interested to explore into FinTech industry.

Look forward to hear from you soon.

Chaintope Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
Mobile: 012 679 0598

Posted by noorhafiza on 2017/2/17 4:19:52 (131 reads)


Class : WOA7012;WAGA6312
(Image Processing and Computer Vision)

Lecturer : Dr. Chan Chee Seng
Day : 17.2.2017 (Friday)
Time : 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Venue : ML

Please be informed that the above class is cancelled and will be replaced at a later date.

Thank you.

Deputy Dean (Postgraduate)

Undergraduate : [Industrial Training Semester 2, Session 2016/ 2017] Regarding course registration and dealing with CITRA
Posted by amiza on 2017/2/15 8:23:12 (221 reads)

Dear students whom are registering for Industrial Training during Sem 2 of Session 2016/ 2017,

Very Important: How to deal with issues with e-Industrial Training System

If your industrial training placement has been approved by your department Industrial Training Coordinator, please register your placement in the e-Industrial Training system asap. Once that process is completed, you will have to register your industrial training just like what you do for your other courses. This has to be done before the end of the add and drop week of Sem 1 2016/2017. Otherwise you will be fined.

You can access the e-Industrial Training system (i.e. CITra industrial Training system) from MyUM.

Any issue with e-Industrial Training system, you have to request CITra to solve, as the Industrial Training Coordinators do not have the required access in the system to solve them. Industrial Training Coordinators can only access the system to give coordinator's approval.

You can contact the following staffs at CITra: Miss Nurhafizah (hafizahjafri@um.edu.my) / Miss Maziah (maziah_87@um.edu.my) / Miss Intan Shaheera (<intanshaheera@um.edu.my>). Tel: 03-79675408/5488

These are the typical steps involved when a student registers his/her placement in the e-Industrial training system. Please read through this entire email to get familiarized with the process to ensure successful registration of your industrial training.

1. If "Organisation Exist but Inactive", contact CITra to activate it.

2. If the company not yet exists in the system, the student has to create the new company, and the status will be "Organisation Pending Seksyen Kerjaya approval". Contact CITra to approve and cc to Department coordinator. Previously CITra is known as Seksyen Kerjaya.

3. After CITra approves/activate this company, the student will be able to enter all the details of the placement into the system

4. Then the status will be "Pending Coordinator Approval". Contact your Department Industrial Training Coordinator to approve it. Your coordinator will only approve it if he/she has given prior manual approval for this placement via email. Please enter only one placement in the e-Industrial Training System, which is, the placement that your coordinator has approved manually via email.

5. Next the status will be "Pending Organisation/Company approval". Contact CITra to approve on behalf of the company.

6. Next the status will be "Pending Student approval". The student needs to give approval.

7. Student can proceed to register LI as a course. This has to be done before the end of the add and drop week of Sem 1 2016/2017. Otherwise the student will be fined.

When you contact CITra, please forward the email you received from your Department Industrial Training Coordinator which states that he/she approved the placement offer you obtained from the respective company, and attach together the offer letter and screen capture of the problem in e-Industrial Training system, and, cc the email to your Department Industrial Training Coordinator and Mrs. Faridah (faridah@um.edu.my), and edit the subject of email to reflect the problem for examples. "e-Industrial Training system: Organisation Exist but Inactive", "e-Industrial Training system: Organisation Pending Seksyen Kerjaya approval", etc.

Thank you.

best regards,
Dr. Aznul Qalid Md Sabri

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